Help Bolivia

By Tal Gur
Help Bolivia

Crossing the border from Brazil, the richest country in South America to Bolivia, the poorest, marked yet another new direction in my trip. After 2 months of beach, sun and samba I was looking for something else, perhaps more meaningful.
I remember walking through the main Market of La Paz, Bolivia’s high mountain capital, wondering what voluntary organization should I join. It was already my fifth day in Bolivia and this simple task turned to be more challenging than I initially thought. All places demanded a long term commitment, something I was not willing to do before diving in and trying.

On the way back to my room I saw a small sign offering Spanish classes and figured this might be a good way to spend my days in the mean time so I stopped to enquire. Celia, a young Bolivian lady, welcomed me politely and showed me the small study room. As Celia tells me about supporting her family and how hard is to survive in Bolivia an idea started to form in my head, what if I can help her business with a new website instead of searching for an organization.
So there was my solution and few weeks later Celia has a new website and a new way to help her family.

* If you’re interested in an inexpensive way to learn to speak Spanish fluently via Skype and also help a Bolivian business at the same time, please visit Spanish

La Paz is also a great place to sit and socialize, so if you’re in the area stop in Bolivia and taste some unique Indian culture. People are warm, the nightlife is brilliant and the big bonus… you’ll spend less than any other place in the south American continent.

If there’s an adventurer within you, spend a day cycling down the death road. Amazing views!

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