Hi there, my name is Tal and I am on this rock to pursue and live my biggest dreams while inspiring others to do the same.

This site has been primarily crafted in the purpose of encouraging others to live their dreams, through the sharing of my own personal experiences.

You’re in the right place if you want to explore more about:

- Designing your life
- Knowing yourself better
- Reaching Peak Fitness
- Regaining Your Freedom
- Building Meaningful Relationships
- Exploring The World
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Thank you for your sincere, motivational and encouraging emails/posts. Rudolph

What an inspiration you are and a great writer! Your site has great “human-ness” and reflects what many of us go through so intimately that it feels lonely. Thank you for sharing. Sophie Tseung

I am all inspired by your work, book, website. Wow, I am so glad I found you on internet. I have started working and also monitoring my goals once a week.. Pushpakar

“..I’m so proud of you and I have a feeling deeply that may be I can do same with my life too..your story and others story really inspiring, I downloaded your book, started my planning, still more to go to complete..”Naraa

“You are a great support to begin with.. I have made several attempts to take my dreams off the ground and I hope some day soon it will be a reality with strong support like you.”Subhash


My Story

Tal_Motorcycle_SmallMy story is being written from many perspectives and enriched by the people and places I encounter along the way.

I am originally from Israel, though I feel at home in many places.

In 1996, aged 21, I embarked on a long motorcycle trip in Australia & immediately fell in love with this remote, vast and spectacular corner of the world. I went back to Israel to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science but the memory of that epic trip never left me.

In 2003, after several years working in the high tech world, I made a conscious decision to pursue every big dream I have ever had. I left my home country and went on to pursue my first big dream: Living and studding in Australia.

Tal_Ironman_SmallIn 2009, after six blissful years in Melbourne, Australia, I sold everything I had, packed a small backpack, and left on a one way ticket to Nepal. This trip turned to be a fateful encounter, eventually leading me to leave my stable job, become an online entrepreneur, and travel and live abroad in various countries for more than than 6 years.

Ever since I remember myself I was intrigued with the endless possibilities of self-expression. I simply see life as a playground to express our deepest desires and experiment with the perceived limits of the physical world.

Looking at my life, I have come to realize that my life is not just one linear continuous journey but more as a recollection of different journeys and experiences.

Tal Gur TravelI’ve learnt that it is definitely not all about the destination, but more about the journey. And the greater the challenge, the more satisfying it is.

Since my move to Australia, being inspired from the sheer enjoyment that came from pursuing my Australian dream, I found myself constantly seeking new challenges, overextending myself in all aspects of life, ultimately resulting in very happy and fulfilling journeys.

Here are a few:

  1. I created financial freedom after being in $34,000 of debt
  2. I completed an Ironman Triathlon in New Zealand after quitting smoking.
  3. I quit my 9-to-5 desk job and went on an independent round-the-world trip
  4. I coordinated building a new home for a local family who lost their house in a mudslide in Peru.
  5. I tried a little 10 days Vipassana meditation in India.
  6. I partied for 60 nights in a row while living in Australia.
  7. I collected donations and helped building a school for a poor village in Dominican Republic.
  8. I surfed around the world in places such as Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, and Sri Lanka
  9. I learnd how to become a Muay Thai fighter by kickboxing for four weeks in Thailand.
  10. I completed a 12,000 km journey around Australia cutting through the outback.
  11. I volunteered in an international Autism treatment center for 7 weeks
  12. I traveled by train and backpacked across Europe for cheap
  13. I rode a motorcycle through the Swiss Alps
  14. I stayed in a big old villa in Tuscany, Italy.
  15. I trekked the highest mountains on earth and reached Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal.
  16. I moved to Australia to complete my Masters degree and ended up spending more than five amazing years in the country.
  17. I built a company from scratch and served as a director of an international company
  18. I celebrated Rio’s Carnival and New Year’s eve with 2 million spectators in Copacabana beach
  19. I spent a summer in Argentina and learned Spanish in Buenos Aires.
  20. I designed and built my own Goal-setting software, now available online to anyone with an internet connection


Reading through this list can falsely lead you to believe that my life was all rosy. Trust me, I had my share of struggles as well. If I were to make a list of all my disappointments, I’d never get to the end :)

Tal Gur TravelThe central message I want to leave with you today is this:

We have an incredible chance to create beautiful things on this planet, a real opportunity to live life to the fullest in a world full of potential and wonder, but it can only happen if we push beyond the comfort zone, face our fears and take the risks involved in pursing what we truly want.

Go ahead. Design your dream year and turn it into reality.

Live Out The Dream!
Tal Gur


I’ve recently found your website through Perfecting Parenthood and I figured I’d check it out. I have since read your e-book (it’s fantastic!!!) and your other articles. You ask great questions and you write in a thoughtful, beautiful and moving way. Regina Grinberg

“Thank you for the free e-book and for the website. I found it on one of my “low days” when all I want is to give up and complain a bit more. And it surely saved me a bit.” Mateusz

“I just consider myself very luck to come across your blog. Your website inspired me. I am not sure how to start and where to begin but I will get there. Thank you so much.” Hiyan

“I love reading your emails!” Andrea

“One night, being so frustrated, I encountered your site and…I was delighted! You inspire me so much… our messages will help me through my path. May all the joy and happiness be with you.” Paria, Iran

“Your plan is an inspiration and entered my life just when I needed it most. Many thanks.” Ann






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Reading your blog today was very inspirational, thank you again for your gift. I plan to get back on track and try to find my passion… This is going to sound like a broken record, thank you, your words have moved me!” Eve Hernandez

I was sitting down really stuck as to how to create my life goals and 101 things i wanted to do in my life. and i googled it. your webiste came up and i read through your list of goals. its just so inspiring!!! i have been referring to it a lot in trying to formulate my goals… just wanted to say you are really inspiring and thank you for sharing all this. Bhavisha

Thanks for having this blog! I only discovered it very recently (as in about one week ago) but I spend already hours on it reading your articles and following your links. And I love it. In fact when I think about it, there is always one of your pages open in my browser. Pieter Haers

“A friend introduced me into your work. I read all the books you send us and wrote my Dream Year Plan, so looking forward and encouraged to lead my life in the way i wanted. Keep up the great work and share with us:). Thank you so much for being such a great inspiration to me. P.S also i start my Quit Facebook Addiction Plan, and it is working.” Naraa

Thank you for all the information. I am really learning a lot and feel more and more contempt because I’m working towards what I want… The information I got from you helped me to set goals in spite of us waiting, The section about habits help a lot and monitoring everything it helps me stay motivated… I just want to thank you. Karin Hubbard

Thank you for all the effort it must have taken to produce ‘The Great Bucket List’ and ‘Design Your Dream Year’. Both of your books have been really inspirational to me, and I am slowly working my way through them. Natalie Bell

Thank you, really. What you’re doing is really great and kudos to you for that.
Khogulan Mohan Kumar

Thank you for being out there wherever you are now. I appreciate where you have taken your life, and where you have let it take you. Angela Rosenquist

Your way of approaching goals seemed much more pragmatic than other programs that I’ve looked into… I’m spending time answering some of your questions and they are helpful. Colette Aubry

..I have struggled for 2 years with being able to focus on what i really WANT and to commit it to paper, but with help from your workbook i am beginning to really think about what has held me back from making my Network Marketing business a success… I am still working on all the above, just wanted to say thanks! Philip Brown

Your latest email strongly spoke to me!…You’ve helped me get back on track. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Joan Marie

Everyday I check my email waiting for your emails. I have been reading them for 2 years almost. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for sharing your incredible life journey with us. Hiyen Chreif

That was a great, no wait, fantastic article Tal! Thanx. I need to change up my morning ritual for sure!! Iva Ursano